Thursday, April 24, 2008

Upgraded the Airblaster

About 5 years ago I bought an airblaster for the vineyard. An airblaster is a necessary piece of equipment for a vineyard over one acre in size. It has a tank and the liquid fungicide, pesticide or nutrient is channeled to a series of spray nozzles that is blown by a powerful fan in a cloud. This cloud of goodies is able to cover all areas of the canopy and is very effective for the grape grower. The first airblaster rig had a 50 gallon tank and sprayed on one side as you drive down the vineyard aisle. A 50 gallon tank can cover about an acre of grapes. As you can imagine, with a sprayer that sprays on one side, you would have to go up and down the aisle twice to get each side of the canopy of the vines.

Here is a picture of my new airblaster sitting in my pickup truck:

Now this new airblaster has 150 gallon tank and sprays on both side at the same time. The guys at the brewery warehouse where I had taken delivery said it looked like a "Back to the Future" truck. I will have more posts to the blog to show you all the spraying and my gas mask. I cannot wait to use the new airblaster.

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