Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting ready to plant Mourvedre

We are preparing to plant 3 new rows of Mourvedre. This planting will be higher density of 4' between the plants and 9 foot between the rows or 4 x 9. The process began on Saturday by installing 10 foot long telephone poles. Then a wire that will be 18" high for the irrigation wire was installed. Prior to tightening the wire really tight, the wire served as a guide for running the soil slitter down the rows. This slitter will break up soil down about 20" to aid in planting and for the vine to easily set its roots.
Here is the result of the slitting:

With the pickup truck loaded with landscape timbers that serve as the in-line posts, the truck got stuck in the mud. Being very ambitious, I wanted to bring the timbers just next to the rows and strategically drop off 3 timbers at each location. It was not to be, the truck got stuck in the mud up to the bottom of the door. We had to pull the truck out with the '57 Ford 800 tractor.

The truck got very dirty and required two runs in the car wash on Sunday:

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