Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well, as you may know, growing vinifera in the Midwest is a risk reward equation. The risk obviously is if the winter weather would get to say, -12 to -15 F degrees below zero, then we would probably have 100% primary bud death. We would have to retrain the vines from the trunks or a bud from under the earth of our hilling. Well, on Jan. 10 we got between 0 and -11 at the vineyard. We will see when the pruning begins exactly what damage we got. Since the vineyard is between Lee's Summit and Warrensburg, well Lee's Summit got zero and Warrensburg got -9 last nite. So maybe we got -5 or so.

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Larry DeGraff said...

With all of this extreme weather I've thought about you and your vineyards regularly. I'm also growing plants here in Lees Summit that need winter protection (palms) but for a hobby, not as my livelihood. I'm concerned with the length of this freeze as much as the lows. Like you said, we take risks. How do you know what the limits are unless someone goes and finds out? Thanks for being a pioneer and here's hoping for some super hardy vines. Hope to see you at some wine tastings in 2010. - Larry