Thursday, April 16, 2009

Replacing some Chardonnay

We call it Amigoni Vineyards with an "s" because really we manage 3 distinct areas of our farm with 3 different vineyards. The vineyard farthest to the east is 1.5 acres and called Limestone Hill from all the limestone that is around the vineyard. The middle section is called Stealth Ridge after the constant Stealth Bombers that were overhead during the preparation and planting. It is about 1 acre in size. The newest section is on the west end and called To Kati after my daughter. Well, originally I planted about 200 plants of Chardonnay in the midst of Stealth Ridge. Last season the lower airflow and higher moisture of this area was not very good for the Chardonnay. Instead, I like the way Cabernet Franc performs in this area. So we are in the process of ripping out the 200 or so plants of Chard and replacing with Clone 214 ENTAV INRA of Cabernet Franc purchased from SunRidge Nurseries. Additionally, we have a few replacements of the Malbec that is approaching third leaf in a few days. The 595 Clone is labelled COT, the other name for Malbec. I wonder if any of you know how to pronounce this, is it like a Coat you wear or is it like a Cot that you sleep on?? Help.

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no nickname said...

I've only just found your blog, and maybe I am a little late, but the pronunciation is like coat, only drop the T.